Our Mission

The Be Free Project brings together the power of storytelling, yoga, and meditation, to all those affected by mental health. We offer workshops, classes and events within Parkland County and the greater community to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.

Our Vision

The Be Free Project empowers communities through honest, respectful conversation. We believe mental health awareness is essential for building a healthy, thriving society.

Our Story

The Be Free Project was started with the desire to bring yoga and mediation to under serviced communities, or to people that wouldn't necessarily go to or have the means to go to a yoga studio.

Katie Jolicoeur found her yoga mat at 17 and her life was dramatically altered, she had finally found a place to land where she could let go of the pressures of life and connect with herself, even if it was only for a few moments each class. 

Last year Katie moved through a severe depression and felt all the shame and stigma associated around mental health, her daily practice was one of the main anchors that kept her in this world.  Katie knew she had to bring the healing tools of yoga, meditation, and storytelling to her community and from there the Be Free Project started to take shape and began to grow. 

We are now running weekly classes in Spruce Grove and are expanding our reach to outlying communities. To find out how you can become involved in helping break the stigma and bring healing to the mental health in our community email info@befreeproject.ca